To say you're welcome were superfluous…
Prepare for mirth, for mirth becomes a feast:
You are princes and my guests.

˜ Pericles, Act 2, Scene 3

A hundred thousand welcomes!

I'm Lisa DiDio, a young adult novelist and fan of all things creative. Here you'll find my musings on writing, life and the creative process, as well as links to the people and things that delight and inspire me.

What I've been up to:

In My Head

Summer plans. The clock is ticking, with one son home from college next week, and another finishing his freshman year at the beginning of June. Lots of fun to come!

On The Desk

Approaching the halfway mark on my YA space opera, and what twisty fun wild ride it is!

In The Cup

Things heated up for a minute so I was slipping into iced tea mode, but a sudden storm yesterday had me busting out the ingredients for a warm, spicy cup of chai. Yum.

Now Streaming

I was planning to shout my love for Rise to the stars, but now I'm screaming in anguish. Why, NBC?!? How could you cancel this amazing, beautiful, gorgeously acted show?

Currently Playing

Here's a random five off the space opera playlist: "Hellfire", Barns Courtney; "Blackbird Song", Lee DeWyze; "Wolves," Down Like Silver ; "Hold on for Your Life (acoustic), Sam Tinnesz; "Wicked Ones", Dorothy.

On The Nightstand

Space Opera, by Cat Valente. (Appropriate, no?) Seriously, though. This book. It's prickly and pointed and so, so funny. I love it!